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Shipco Domestic Frequently Asked Questions and Best Practices!


  1. When quoting in the TMS, always remember to select any applicable accessorials for your shipment.
      1. Airports, CFS Stations, Schools, Military Sites, etc. are all considered limited access. 
      2. Residential deliveries will require liftgate and residential charges. 
      3. Appointments, Hazardous.
      4. Anything over 8 ft is considered overlength and the accessorial charge must be selected on the quote.


  2. Always fill out the handling unit, product description, weight, and dimensions.  This will calculate class for you based on the shipment's density.   

      1. Shipco does not handle live animals, mercury, explosive and radioactive material.
      2. Among other items, such as guns, plants, and medical and human remains which are only shipped by specific carriers.


  1. For shipments that are greater than 12 linear feet (3.7 meters), greater than 750 cubic feet (21 cbm’s), over 5 pallets and greater than 10,000 (4,536 kgs), look for spot pricing in the TMS rate return or e-mail [email protected].

  1. To duplicate a shipment, Our TMS offers a “Duplicate” tab where it duplicates all details of a shipment and you can re-generate the quote and rebook the shipment with a new shipment ID.


  1. We require a minimum of a two- hour pickup window for our carriers to pick up shipment’s same day. When requesting a pickup, you need to do it at least 3 hours before the specified pickup hour, and it must be before 2:30.

  1. When your order status changes, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your login. You can also track your shipment in the system by entering your BOL#, Customer PO#, or Shipper Reference# in the tracking field on the Home Page.


  1. It is the shipper’s responsibility to send the TMS generated BOL to your shipper prior to pick upIt is the responsibility of the shipper at the pickup location to hand the BOL to the truck driver when he/she arrives.  This process will help avoid any re-consignment charges. 


  1. Guaranteed shipments:
      1. Guaranteed Standard service gets your freight to the destination on the standard-service delivery day you say.
      2. Please note that pickups are never guaranteed, not even on guaranteed services.
      3. Time Critical services offer fewer transit days than standard services and the delivery date is guaranteed.


  1. Expedited Services:
      1. Expedited delivery services refer to LTL shipments that typically move on a dedicated service directly from Point A to Point B.
      2. Using a dedicated truck means that your shipment not only will move in shorter transit times, but you will also benefit from customized handling (reduced handling caused by fewer stops).
      3. Please contact Shipco Customer Service for expedited shipments at [email protected].   


  1. Transit times listed online are always in terms of business days and do not include the day of pickup, weekends, or holidays.


  1. For air freight shipments exit USA, select a carrier with airplane logo next to it to meet TSA requirements.

 12. Air Import exceptions, only the following carriers should be used for Air Import: 

    1. ABF
    2. Dayton Freight Lines
    3. New Penn Motor Express
    4. Forward Air
    5. Southeastern Freight Lines
    6. Local Carriers

The reason we must limit it to these carriers is most LTL carriers either refuse to go to the airport or have bad schedule integrity when it comes to the airport.  Wait times are always high for airport pickups. Unless the carrier has a trailer dropped at one of the facilities in the airport or in the case of the local carrier, it’s their core business. LTL carriers refuse or go when they have enough fright to pick up, justifying the wait time. 


    13. To upload documents to the TMS

    1. After you have booked your shipment you will be able to upload documents pertaining to the shipment under the tab “Shipment Document” -> “Attach Documents”. 
    2. If you upload all required documents our Domestic team will be able to view documents and dispatch. No need to send documents via email.

  14. When a driver needs to have documents on hand for pick up, the documentation must be uploaded into the TMS or sent to Shipco Customer Service at [email protected] before 3:00 PM to schedule the pickup the next business day. Trucker in charge might not carry the cargo documentation since this is not a formal procedure established by the carrier at the time of the pick-up, which is the reason why we do recommend you send a copy of the documentation to the shipper. 


  1. What if I have a quote outside of the LTL Standard? (FTL Rates)

Shipments carrying 7 to 26 pallets or weighing more than 10,000 lbs, can be quoted directly by our team at [email protected]


  1. Where should I send my FTL rate request?

Please email our FTL Group at [email protected]. We specialize in 53' dry vans, flatbeds, reefer, TSA compliant, etc.


  1. Can I Quote and Book FTL shipments in TMS?

FTL quoting and bookings are only available via email due to market conditions. Please email us at [email protected] 


  1. Can I track my FTL Shipment in TMS? 

Yes, all details and milestones will be available in Shipco's TMS under location History.

Location-History Location-History-2